About Popjournalism

About Popjournalism

Popjournalism is a digital magazine and podcast about media and pop culture, targeting an educated Canadian audience.

Popjournalism is edited by experienced journalist Robert J. Ballantyne. Moving forward, we will feature fully referenced articles so that readers will continue to trust our original, insightful content.

Our Audience

Here are our most recent average traffic statistics according to Cloudflare:

TypeUnique Visitors
Monthly (Oct. 25-Nov. 24, 2020)4,720
Monthly (Oct. 2-Nov. 1, 2019)11,311
Type (Post-Redesign)Unique Visitors
Monthly (Aug. 16-Sep. 15, 2019)7,668
Type (Pre-Redesign)Unique Visitors
Monthly (July 15-Aug. 14, 2019)6,384

According to Google Analytics (Jan. 1-Aug. 15, 2019), our audience is comprised mainly of 25-to-44-year-olds (45.3%). The audience is split almost evenly between male (52.1%) and female (47.9%). Our audience interests include (in order of reach), “avid news readers,” “music lovers,” “movie lovers,” “green living enthusiasts,” “art & theater aficionados,” “value shoppers,” “book lovers,” and “health & fitness buffs.” Our top five in-market segments are “employment,” “hotels & accommodations,” “investment services,” “post-secondary education” and “career consulting services.”

We also reach an international syndicated audience as a verified news source on Google News.

Our Content & History

Popjournalism launched on January 1, 2000. Popjournalism launched its first quarterly print edition on November 25, 2004 and was available at newsstands nationwide. Popjournalism.ca regularly reached 100,000 unique monthly visitors between 2004-2008. Our best traffic month ever was February 2005, when we reached over 280,000 unique visitors.

We look for national and engaging local arts stories from across Canada and work with a team of writers from coast-to-coast. Our coverage topics include television production, journalism, marketing and advertising, visual arts and video games.

Interview subjects

A small list of our notable interview subjects over the years include:

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