CBC’s Juanita Taylor in conversation with Prof. Ballantyne

CBC’s Juanita Taylor in conversation with Prof. Ballantyne

Award-winning CBC News: The National senior reporter discusses the unique challenges of reporting in the north and Indigenous representation in journalism

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  • Cold open with Seneca Polytechnic student Sandra Ezekwesili 00:00
  • Prof. Robert Ballantyne introduction 00:18
  • Sandra Ezekwesili reports 00:47
  • Where is CBC’s Juanita Taylor today? 01:30
  • How did Juanita Taylor start in journalism? 02:30
  • Juanita Taylor’s journey to CBC 04:38
  • Juanita Taylor on achieving her dream job 07:05
  • Juanita Taylor on winning Best National Reporter 09:26
  • Banned from wearing seal skin: Juanita Taylor’s story 12:06
  • Juanita Taylor wears seal skin on The National 2023 14:33
  • First Inuk Best National Reporter: Juanita Taylor’s win 18:17
  • Juanita Taylor on the challenges of covering Canada’s north 19:20
  • Juanita Taylor’s take on logistics of reporting in the north 20:36
  • Business class flights in the north? 21:06
  • Reporting on northern climate: Juanita Taylor’s importance 21:24
  • Juanita Taylor on Inuktitut’s role at CBC 22:44
  • Reclaiming Indigenous languages: A conversation 24:08
  • Colonization & language reclamation: Insights 26:25
  • Learning Cree swearwords: A light moment 27:06
  • Juanita Taylor eyes future CBC hosting roles 28:05
  • Tina Cortese closes with thanks: Credit roll 29:31