“Six issues facing journalists today” (Photo: Adobe Firefly, generated by AI)
academic   |  September 8, 2023

Six big challenges facing journalism today

From combating fake news to promoting diversity, here are six key issues that are shaping the future of media

Kelly Boutsalis <cite>Supplied publicity photo, Red Works Photography</cite>
academic   |  May 29, 2023

Breaking barriers in journalism with TIFF’s Kelly Boutsalis

Breaking barriers in journalism with Boutsalis, a distinguished freelance journalist (Vogue, The New York Times) and a programmer for the Toronto International Film Festival

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news   |  March 19, 2021

Voices unheard: The struggle for Indigenous representation in mainstream media

Indigenous journalists share their personal journeys and the significant obstacles they've overcome working in mainstream media

Jully Black <cite>Supplied photo. 2018</cite>
feature   |  March 14, 2018

Jully Black interview: ‘The next album is ready’

Jully Black, Canada's R&B Queen, shunned digital for her last albums, selling only on tour. Now prepping 'The Re-Education of Jully Black' for wider release

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feature   |  April 4, 2016

Connie Walker on missing and murdered investigations, life at the CBC

The award-winning journalist has been on the frontlines, reporting the stories of missing and murdered Indigenous women

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feature   |  August 9, 2001

Why the obituary business is always booming in journalism

Inside the often overlooked yet vital reporting beat: the preparation and crafting of obituaries, especially for notable figures

CBC journalists (from left) Wendy Mesley and Diana Swain <cite>Supplied publicity photo, CBC, 2001</cite>
feature   |  July 27, 2001

Full Disclosure

Exclusive: Wendy Mesley and Diana Swain discuss their highly anticipated CBC newsmagazine, 'Disclosure'