Gjelina: Cooking from Venice, California

Gjelina: Cooking from Venice, California (photo by Robert J. Ballantyne)

Michael Graydon: We kind of fell in love with [chef Travis Lett], as I like to say. Travis, as his book shows, is adamant to share credit. It was a tremendous honour for us to be included on the cover. He didn’t make a big deal out of it when we saw the cover design for the first time.

Nikole Herriott: We were like, okay, wonderful!

Michael Graydon: The project itself was was daunting. In total, from the first email to the book in your hand, was two and a half years, at least. Both all of us had not done a cookbook before, and really, it became a labor of love so we all just put our all into it. Amy Wilson included, the prop stylist.

Nikole Herriott: It took longer because if it wasn’t perfect, we went back to California and shot some more.