Warm date cake with ginger gelato

Warm date cake with ginger gelato (photo courtesy of Michael Graydon and Nikole Herriott)

Nikole Herriott: This is one of the most popular desserts at the restaurant. They’ve been making it for quite a while and it’s delicious.

Michael Graydon: His food is insanely good. Hopefully the pictures do the food justice.

Nikole Herriott: We were in Travis’s backyard shooting this. His dog is there and it’s California, so it’s warm and nice. And he just put this piece of cake down and we decided to put it on a white surface, with this white wall at his house. Then we took this picture with the gelato on top of it.

Michael Graydon: And we just ate it.

Nikole Herriott: I said, let’s take a spoonful. The rest kind of happened organically.

Michael Graydon: It was never planned to be the end of the book or anything like that.

Nikole Herriott: It’s one try though. That one piece of cake, that one scoop of gelato.