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feature   |  February 1, 2004

Jeff Healey’s new year

The singer-songwriter talks about how he spent 2003 and what's in store for this year

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feature   |  November 13, 2001

Carla Robinson is made for TV

CBC journalist on the fast track to success

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feature   |  August 9, 2001

Why the obituary business is always booming in journalism

Inside the often overlooked yet vital reporting beat: the preparation and crafting of obituaries, especially for notable figures

CBC journalists (from left) Wendy Mesley and Diana Swain <cite>Supplied publicity photo, CBC, 2001</cite>
feature   |  July 27, 2001

Full Disclosure

Exclusive: Wendy Mesley and Diana Swain discuss their highly anticipated CBC newsmagazine, 'Disclosure'

Wendy Mesley (supplied photo)
feature   |  November 16, 2000

It’s not easy being Wendy Mesley

The CBC journalist talks about her TV newsmagazine 'Undercurrents', being a homebody and, yes, we went there, her bad hair days

Ken and Roberta Harrison of the Canadian pop-rock group Wild Strawberries (Supplied publicity photo, 1996)
feature   |  October 15, 1996

A Wild Berry

Roberta Carter-Harrison of the Wild Strawberries talks about their new album, 'Heroine'