Adele – Hello

This adult contemporary pop song was the most-played in my life soundtrack for five weeks


I prefer an unofficial remix of the song by DJ Mike D which speeds up the song slighly by 6 beats-per-minute and adds some additional percussion to the song, but I don’t feel it’s significant enough to be considered a full remix, so I include it in the main listing here as an alternate version. (There is a distinct version of the DJ Mike D remix with rap verses featuring Rick Ross that, if I liked it, would require a separate post.)

The versions listed here are ranked in order of most played:

  1. Hello (The DJ Mike D Remix) (No Rap) [A-List]
  2. Hello (Radio Edit)
  3. Hello

Song Details

Soundtrack Playlisted Recurrent Setlisted Vault
Key notation A-Flat Major


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