May 8, 2015

Anna Naklab – Supergirl (feat. Alle Farben, Younotus)

This adult contemporary dance pop song is a notable part of the soundtrack of my life

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  1. Supergirl [C-List]
  2. Supergirl (Alle Farben Remix) [D-Playlisted; D-Setlisted]
  3. Supergirl (Club Mix) [E-Setlisted]
  4. Supergirl (Daniele Di Martino Remix) [E-Setlisted]

Notable lyrics

And then she’d say, ‘It’s okay
I got lost on the way
But I’m a supergirl
And supergirls don’t cry’

Song Details

Soundtrack Playlisted Recurrent Setlisted Vault
Key notation B-Flat Minor


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