Kylie Minogue – Confide In Me

This adult contemporary pop song was the most-played in my life soundtrack for four weeks

Originally released as a single in 1994, “Confide in Me” is one of only a few songs that I allowed to chart so far beyond its release date. Its four-week run at number one is a testament to the song’s timelessness — and also the beginnings of my appreciation for Kylie Minogue’s music.

Less than a year earlier, Minogue’s Light Years album was released along with its UK chart-topping lead single, “Spinning Around“. Thanks to high-speed internet, I started monitoring the UK charts more closely, and could now easily sample new music there via peer-to-peer file sharing networks like Napster.

While Light Years was fun and frothy, I soon became far more interested in Minogue’s mid-to-late ‘90s indie-pop output. During this era, Minogue experienced a commercial downturn, and struggled to transition from her 1980’s bubblegum pop origins into a modern, independent pop star.

“Confide in Me” was a significant career step Minogue made towards defining a more sophisticated place for herself in pop music. The song’s seductive mix of trip-hop and pop, adorned with Middle Eastern string arrangements, was both a critical and commercial success in the UK and in her Australian homeland.

I discovered, belatedly, that there was much more to Minogue than her contemporaries. I was playing both “Confide in Me” and “Breathe” so much at the time that it was obvious that exceptions should be made for them to officially chart as part of my life soundtrack.

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