Róisín Murphy – Exploitation

This avant-garde dance pop song was the most-played in my life soundtrack for one week

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Popjournalism review

“Who’s exploiting who?” asks Murphy in her lead single for Hairless Toys. “Exploitation” is a nine-minute opus of whispered sexuality and aloof come-ons that dissolve into a dissonant soundscape of pads and grooves. The abridged single version represents only part of the off-beat pop brilliance that is the full track.


  1. Exploitation (Mr. Ballantyne Edit) [B-List]
  2. Exploitation (C-Playlisted)
  3. Exploitation (Radio 6 Live Version) (D-Playlisted)

Song Details

Soundtrack Playlisted Recurrent Setlisted Vault
Key notation F Major


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