Roisin Murphy – Unputdownable

This adult contemporary pop song was the most-played in my life soundtrack for four weeks

“Unputdownable” is an epic ballad to a lover, drawing an analogy between a relationship and the reading of a book. “Well I’m left in confusion / By your epilogue / Where is the conclusion? / A narrative arc?” Murphy sings expectantly. The track then completely stops in the middle, picking up with a lonely, strummed acoustic guitar. Afterwards, the song closes with the lyrical refrain “If you’d allow me / To read your mind” and repeats “To read your mind” until its inconclusive end.


Murphy, R., & Stevens, E. (2015). Unputdownable [Recorded by Roisin Murphy]. On Hairless Toys [Album]. Play It Again Sam.

Song Details

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Key notation B-Flat Minor


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