Canadian TV ratings no longer public: Numeris
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Canadian TV ratings no longer public: Numeris

Weekly top 30 most-watched TV shows provided unique public insights into Canadian pop culture

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Canadian media industry tracker Numeris has quietly ended public availability of Canadian TV topline reports starting with the 2022-2023 broadcast season, which ranks the most-watched TV programs on network television.

Canadian TV reports often differed from U.S. data

Numeris’ public topline TV data — otherwise known as the Canadian TV ratings charts — provided insights about the 30 most-watched programs on traditional broadcast television both nationally and in Quebec. The chart often provided unique looks at the viewing differences (and similarities) between Canadian-U.S. TV audiences, such as the Oscars typically being the most-watched national program of the year, instead of the Super Bowl as in the U.S.

  • Numeris provided no reasoning behind the ending of their public reports, which will remain available only within the broadcast industry. A brief note appeared on the Numeris site on Aug. 26, noting their “final report will encompass the period ending on August 28, 2022.”

Traditional broadcast TV continues its audience decline

  • For the final week of reports, CTV’s reality series The Amazing Race Canada was the most-watched English-language program between the week of August 22-28, drawing a total audience of 1.536 million viewers. TVA’s translated procedural drama 9-1-1 was tops in Quebec the same week, drawing a total audience of 658,000 viewers.
  • Popjournalism used to regularly post weekly Canadian TV ratings reports. Some of the remaining reports in our archives, such as the week of Feb. 29-Mar. 6, 2016, showed that each of the top 10 programs drew over 1.7 million viewers, demonstrating traditional broadcast TV’s viewership decline over the years.
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