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Paula Abdul – (It’s Just) The Way That You Love Me

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The idea of keeping a top 10 popular music chart was inspired by a tear-off notepad. It was a simple to-do list with a countdown of 10 items that you could fill in. One random day in 1989, I started listing my favourite songs on it.

As I started to take the lists more seriously, dutifully completing them every week, I made a promise to myself to fill out a list for every week of the entire next year.

Sundays were always the best day to make new lists. That was the day when I always had free time to watch music videos on MuchMusic. I’ve kept up the Sunday listmaking to this day.

Not surprisingly, Paula Abdul was the first artist to appear on my chart. I remember first hearing Abdul at my aunt’s house, with her cassette of Forever Your Girl playing all day through her boom box. The album had hit-after-hit-after-hit (“Straight Up”, “Cold Hearted” and the title track to name just three). Eventually, I convinced one of my parents to buy me a copy, too.


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